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1. My child will turn 5 years old in November of the coming school year, will he/she be qualified for Kindergarten?

NO, only children who are five (5) years old by June and until August of the incoming school year shall be eligible for enrolment in Kindergarten classes. (DepEd Order - Omnibus Kindergarten Education). Please take note of the Opening of Classes and the required age.

Opening of Classes: June, learner must be 5 y/o by June or August

Opening of Classes: July, learner must be 5 y/o by July or September

Opening of Classes: August, learner must be 5 y/o by August or October


2. What if the Birth Certificate of my child is in the province or still under process with the Phil. Statistics Authority (PSA) / National Statistics Office (NSO) because of late registration, can I enroll him/her now anyway his/her age is already 5 years old by June of this coming school year.

YES, provided that you have to submit at least the Local Civil Registrar copy of the Birth Certificate, however, your child is listed under the PROVISIONALLY ENROLLED STUDENTS until the date of the submission of the Certificate of Live Birth authenticated by the PSA or NSO.  Parent must accomplish PROMISSORY NOTE for Admission Requirements at the Records Center.


3. What if my child’s pre-school experience came from a non-accredited school, will he/she be qualified for Grade One?  

YES, provided that he/she passed the SMA-P Admission Test and submit photocopy of valid Government Permit issued by the Department of Education certified true-copy by the previous school or original certificate of Philippine Validating Test (PVT) Result as per the latest DepEd Order Philippine Educational Placement Test.


4. Do I have to bring the original final report card even if my child is an old student?

YES, the original final report card MUST bear the “CANCELLATION of ELIGIBILITY to TRANSFER, ADMITTED in Grade…” as per rules of school registration.     


5. We are ALUMNI parents, can we avail of any scholarship for our child? 

*M.I.S.F.A.P. – school-based financial assistance starting G2 Level to G10

G.A.S.T.P.E.– government-based; four years continuous grant starting G7 (ESC); starting G11 (SHS Voucher Program)

*subject to availability of school funds.


6. My child performed very well academically in his/her previous school, can we avail of any scholarship?  

YES, there is 100% TUITION FEE DISCOUNT for RANK 1 and 50% for RANK 2; must submit CERTIFICATION of Honors including the total population of the level completed signed by the previous school’s PRINCIPAL upon enrolment.  


7. My child entered school (Grade One) at the age of 7 years old that is why he/she is one year ahead of his/her batch, is he/she still qualified as a transferee in SMA-P for Grade Two at the age of 8 this coming school year?  

YES, SMA-P still accepts transferees with age ahead of his/her batch as long as he/she passed the Admission requirements and testing.  However, student applicants who stopped schooling for more than two years due to non-health reasons are recommended to take the Philippine Educational Placement Test (PEPT) as per the latest DepEd Order issuance.


8. By the end of the school year and I still could not submit the Birth Certificate or Transcript of Records or Permit/Recognition Papers of my child’s previous school, what would happen to my child? 

PROVISIONAL ENROLLMENT: (Revised Manual of Regulations for Private Schools in Basic Education) states that: “The provisional enrolment of the students shall be conditioned on the submission of his/her valid admission or transfer credentials on or before the last day of the school year.”

Provisionally enrolled student shall not be enrolled for the next higher level for the next school year, if he cannot submit his valid admission or transfer credentials until the last day of classes; and whatever credits for the subject he may pass shall not be recognized.

8.1  IF the student will enroll the following school year to the next level – Parent / Guardian signs the PROMISSORY NOTE for Admission Requirements at the Records Center upon enrollment.

8.2  If the student will transfer to another school – the Transfer Credentials (in order to make enrolment to another school valid) shall only be released upon completion of lacking credentials or admission requirements.


9. My child performed not so well academically in his/her previous level, can we still apply/be admitted to SMA-P?

YES, applicants/current students with FAILED SUBJECT GRADES in any QUARTER BUT PASSED in the FINAL RATING in the Report Card is within the desired or acceptable level may be admitted subject to CONDITIONAL ADMISSION PROCESS.


10.  I forgot to submit the requirements for ESC grant of my incoming Grade 7 child, will his/her application be forfeited?

NO, as long as the government scholarship portal is open; usually, requirements must be submitted within the month of June.  Inquire from the Records Center the requirements for this scholarship.  Submit requirements through


11. My son/daughter is still in G10 and is not an ESC grantee, can I apply now?

YES, access online application portal of DepEd the following required documents will be attached to the online application, hence, need to be scanned and upload to the portal:

1) recent 2x2 ID photo

2) Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) or National Statistics Office (NSO) Certified Birth Certificate         

3) Photocopy of G10 report card

4) Certificate of Employment of Parent/Guardian (if applicable)

5) Latest Income Tax Return of Parents / Legal Guardian or Certification of Tax Exemption or Municipal Certification of Unemployment.