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ISO 9001 Certified • PAASCU Accredited

CEAP and RVM-EAP Member


 Submit via email ( or onsite through the Records Center (Registrar’s Office) Ground floor lobby, MIDES Bldg. the requirements for screening and evaluation: 


  1. Birth Certificate​​ - PSA or NSO copy​​
    • present original, submit one (1) photocopy
  2. Catholic Baptismal Certificate or its equivalent for Non-Catholics
    • submit one (1) photocopy
  3. ID photo (1x1) recent with white background and name printed in front - submit two (2) identical copies (if onsite), email 2x2 (if online)
  4. Conduct Grade - not lower than 80%
  5. Good Moral
    • submit one (1) original copy
  6. Current Report Card and G10 Certificate of Completion with Learner Reference Number (LRN)
    • present original and submit one (1) photocopy upon application (Note: Original Final Report Card signed by the Principal MUST BE SUBMITTED during ENROLLMENT)
  7. SMA-P Recommendation Form from Guidance Center (

  8. ESC Certificate for G10 ESC Completer - submit one (1) original copy

  9. SHS VP Qualified Voucher Applicant Certificate for G10 Completer who applied online - submit one (1) original copy
  10. Automatic SHS VP grant to Public G10 Completer - submit one (1) copy of G10 Certificate of Completion from Public School.