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ISO 9001 Certified • PAASCU Accredited

CEAP and RVM-EAP Member

Campus Life


Humuhubog ng mamamayang mapanuri, mapagmuni, mapanagutan, produktibo, makakalikasan, makabansa, at makatao na may pambansa at pandaigdigang pananaw at pagpapahalaga sa mga usaping pangkasaysayan at panlipunan.

Culturally Responsive Learning

Develops the spirit of camaraderie, discipline, teamwork, sportsmanship and provide students the opportunity to exercise and put into practice the Ignacian spirit of humble and dedicated service.


Promotes an atmosphere in the school where the students will be able to meet Jesus Christ as brother and Savior and Mary as Mother, His closest follower and model of life in the Kingdom.

Christ-centered Faith Formation

Develops scientific literacy among learners to prepare them to be well-informed, participative and productive citizens who are capable of making impartial judgments and unbiased decisions with regard to applications of scientific concepts, skills/processes, values and attitudes on issues that may have social, health, or environmental impacts.

Innovative Discoveries

Develops technological proficiency among students including the fundamentals of Information and communications Technology, Photography and Videography basics.

Digital Citizenship

Develops life skills of students anchored on knowledge and information, entrepreneurial concepts, process and delivery, work values and life skills.

Lifelong Learning

A teaching ministry that strongly upholds the belief that christians can provide
the leadership to bear witness to sound moral values and principles in their

Transformative Learning

Develops sense of responsibility that will help the students to become productive and responsible members of the family, community and society where they belong.

Family Engagement

Adopts an Integrated Holistic approach that promotes a learning environment that is interactive, integrative, affective, and constructivist in principle.

Differentiated Learning Activities

Enhances functional communication in listening, speaking, reading, writing and viewing thru the development of students’ communicative, expressive and receptive skills by providing more challenging opportunities for students to competently perform and utilize the english language as responsible christians and independent learners.

Reflective Thinking and Writing