St. Mary's Academy of Pasay

Students are assisted in terms of their future plans such as career choices (for SHS bound: strand/track of choice; for College bound: preferred course and school), information about various courses/occupations, current job market trends, and the like.  Furthermore, students are given the opportunity to explore varied aspects of career decision making by knowing one’s interests, values, skills, personality type and preference through the use of varied career test materials and references.An online career consultation can  be scheduled with the level counselor.

Currently enrolled students are entitled to receive this service. However, Senior HIgh School (college bound students) are given priority. It is hoped that students’ concerns on career aspirations will be clarified.  

Specific guidelines are stipulated in the SMA-P Guidance Center Facebook page.  Students have to click the google link provided to set an appointment with a level counselor.

A maximum of one hour is used for a career counseling session but the student can request another schedule if he/she wants to have a follow-up.

The following are some of the activities facilitated to assist students in preparation for their college life: Online Career Talk, Career Buzz Session with Alumni, Infographic materials that can be found in the SMA-P FB page or SMA-P GC FB page.