St. Mary's Academy of Pasay

Students who are currently enrolled at SMA-P. There will also be an orientation given to the parents of the students enrolled at SMA-P.

You will need a computer, webcam, or laptop, headphones/earphones, quiet place and a reliable internet connection.

The orientation is a scheduled activity. If you are unable to attend the orientation, please let us know. You may contact/send an email to /

Students participating in the orientation will be able to connect with other students during the orientation through fun virtual icebreakers and chats.

The official school’s platform is Google Meet and it is the platform used for orientation.

Yes, there will be an orientation given to parents’ and guardians. Please follow our FB page @SMAPGuidanceCenter to be updated on the schedule of orientation.

Orientation is required for  all students who are enrolled for every new school year. If you are unable to participate in the orientation session, you must contact the Guidance Staff at

You can expect to become aware of the new school policies, innovations, improved services, meet new friends and become prepared to be a successful Marian!

Online orientation will most likely last an hour of your time.