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Protract Frequently Asked Questions


The goal of the Parent Portal is to create a better partnership and dialogue between parents and teachers. We hope that you will use it regularly and become a partner with us in your child’s education.


What is a Protrack Parent Portal?

The Protrack Parent Portal is a secure online website that creates partnership and dialogue between parents and the school.  It is equipped with a communication tool to allow parents and the school to relay messages between each other. This will also serve as a medium for parents to know their child’s progress and for the school to broadcast announcements and reminders relevant to parents.


What are the features of the Parent Portal?

1. Secure

a. Dedicated school personnel access for site administration and maintenance

b.Dedicated parent’s access for viewing their children’s information as well as the school’s activities

2. User Maintenance

a. Assigned school personnel have access to view, delete and reset passwords of users

3. Announcement

a. Parent venue for getting the latest updates from school

b. School’s venue for broadcasting information to parents

4. Viewing of Report Card

a. Convenient, socially distanced way for report cards distribution to parents

b. Parents can view the report cards of their children only from the comfort of their home

5. Communication / Notification

a. Parents and school personnel can communicate with one another through the portal

6 .Online Appointment

a. Schools can post available schedules for consultation meeting with their school personnel

b. Parents can choose their preferred schedules for the available school personnel they want to talk to

7. School Calendar of Activities

a.Activities of the school will be made available for the parents here

8. Online Attendance

a. SMAP-Advisory: The Student Attendance feature will not be used by the students for the meantime.


What are the Product Requirements?

1. An internet connection with at least 5 Mbps

2. An internet browser (best viewed using the latest Google Chrome)

3. A desktop computer/laptop/notebook/tablet, or smartphone connected to internet


How to access the Protrack Parent Portal?

There are two (2) ways to access the parent portal.

1. To access the Protrack Parent Portal, you need a computer, a smartphone, or a tablet that is connected to the Internet. To begin, just follow these steps:

a. Open your browser (e.g. Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, Mozilla Firefox).

b. Type the URL (Uniform Resource Locator) on the address bar provided to you by Protrack Teach and press Enter. The URL is

2. Open the school website by typing in the URL - On the main page, click PROTRACT Parent Portal.


Will both parents have access?

There will be one (1) access per family. Both parents can share the access code and password. Hence, even if the spouse is working abroad, he/she can access the parent portal and see his/her child’s progress thru the report cards, statement of account, school’s announcements and activities. 


Can we use the phone number from another country?

Only Philippine local number is accepted by the system in the format of "09xx-xxx-xxxx".


How to Sign In to Parent Portal?

1. On the “Sign In” section of the home page, click the Mobile number box. 

2. Enter the mobile number you’ve provided as contact number to the school.

3. Enter your password (the initial password is the same mobile number used in the sign in).

4. Press Enter or click the SIGN IN button.


What will I do if I did not declare a mobile number in the Enrollment form of my child?

To declare or change registered mobile number, send an email at indicating the name and section of the child together with the active mobile number or call the Records Center at 8831-6495 or 8831-6680 to update the records.


Only one mobile number will be accepted by the system for one family. The first declared number will be used by the school. 


What if I forgot the password?

In case you have not remembered your password, you have the option to retrieve it from your own.  Just follow these steps:

1. Click the “Forgot Password?” link and pop-up window similar to the one below will appear.

2. Enter your mobile number and click “Next”.

3. Another window similar to the one below will appear. Type the answer to the security question. 

4. Type your new password.

5. Re-type your new password.

6. Click Save.


How to Reset the Password?

In the event that you don’t remember even the answer to your security question, you may request from the Site Administrator to reset your password.  Just follow the following steps:

1. Click the “Forgot Password?” link.

2. Enter your registered mobile number and click “Next”.

3. Click “Request reset password” button.

4. Your request will be forwarded to the Site Administrator for his action.

5. You will receive an OTP (one-time password) notification in your registered mobile number once the Site Administrator has acted on your request.

6. You need to login to the Parent Portal site using the password sent to your mobile number. 

7. Once login do not forget to change your password. You may refer to the “Changing Password” section on how to change your password.


What composes the Home Page?

1. The logo and abbreviation including the complete name of the school

2. The Notification Bell

3. The active school year and the small people icon where you logout from the system

4. The upcoming Events section

5. The Announcements section

6. The Navigation panel


How to access the Student Information?

The Student Information can be accessed by clicking the Student Information on the navigation panel. You will see the following information:

1. The Student Information header

2. The Search box to filter the student name list

3. The Student code

4. The Student’s full name

5. The action column which contains four (4) icons for viewing the student information.


How to view the Report Card?

The Report Card can be displayed by clicking the Report Card icon under the Action column of the Student Information page. Once you are in the page, you can view the report card of the student. You may use the scroll bar on the right to view the rest of the document. The Report card icon might not be available if the school did not upload the report card.

Others may receive a notification if the report card is not available for select students.  


How to view the Student Profile?

The Student Profile can be displayed by clicking the Student Profile icon under the Action column of the Student Information page. Once you are in the page you can view the student profile of the student. You may use the scroll bar on the right to view the rest of the document. The Student Profile icon might not be available if the school did not upload the student profile.


How to Send a Message?

1. On the navigation panel of your screen, click Message then click Compose Message.

2. Click the Contacts button and choose the recipient of the message. You can only send message to the site administrator of the Parent Portal.

3. Type your message

4. Click the Send Button.


Can we send a private message to a specific teacher?

Only the designated Admin Staff can receive direct messages from the Parents. The Admin1 for teachers/personnel’s concerns; the Admin2 for records concerns and Admin3 for fees concerns. 

The concerns for teachers and personnel will be relayed directly to the personnel/s involved.


How to Read A Message from the Inbox?

On the navigation panel of your screen, click Message then click Inbox.

Click the message you want to read.


How to View the Events Calendar?

The Events Calendar contain the year-round activities of the school. You can check the events happening within a month by following these steps:

1. On the navigation panel, click the Events Calendar.

2. Click on the angle bracket to move between months.

3. You may also click the Month, Week and Day button to change the display.

4. You can double click the name of the event to view the full details.


Will announcement be broadcasted thru this portal exclusively?

Aside from the Protract Parent Portal, SMAP may still use other platforms such as email or the official FB account of the school for announcements and circulars from the school.


How to Request an Appointment?

The appointment will allow you to request a schedule from any available teachers or personnel of the school. You may use this if you want to consult the personnel or teacher regarding the performance of your child. You can follow the steps below to request for an appointment.

1. On the navigation panel, click Appointment then click View Personnel Schedule.

2. The list of personnel schedules will appear. You may use the Search box to filter the list.

3. Click on the Request Appointment icon under Action column to request an appointment.

4. The Request for Appointment page will appear. Just select the purpose of your appointment on the drop-down list or you may type the purpose on the box.

5. Click Submit Request to submit the appointment for approval of the concerned personnel. You will receive a notification to your registered mobile number if your request has been approved or denied.

Note: The teachers/personnel have the prerogative to disclose their available time in the system. If that specific teacher is not included in the list of Personnel Schedule, then, the “Message” option must be used. The designated Staff assigned will facilitate the coordination with the requested teacher/personnel. 


How to View the Appointment History?

Appointment History displays the date, time, purpose, name of personnel, the date of request, and the status of request. This page is commonly used if you want to know the status of your request and to know your past appointment. Just click Appointment on the navigation panel then click Appointment History. The list of current and past requests will be displayed similar to the screen below.


Will notification on appointment requested only be via SMS? 

For the meantime, the system only accepts notification of requested appointment thru SMS.


How to Change an Account Information?

The Account Information is where you can change password, security questions, and account information. To modify your Account Information, just click the Account Settings on the navigation panel and do the following:

1. Click the full name box and edit it.

2. Edit the mobile number.

3. Edit the email address.

4. Enter your current password.

5. Select gender.

6. Click on the Save button. The system may initiate the automatic log out once the changes has been saved.


How to Change the Password?

It is important to change your password regularly to make sure no one will gain access to your account without your permission. To change your password, just click Account Settings on the navigation panel and follow these steps:

1. Click the Current Password box under Change Password section and type your existing password.

2. Click the New Password box and type your new password.

3. Click the Re-enter new password box and re-type your new password.

4. Click on the Save button. The system will automatically sign out and you need to re-login account using your new password.


How to Change a Security Question?

The Security Question is important because it will allow you to retrieve your password in case you forgot it. To change security question, just click Account Settings and choose the security question you want under the Change Security Question section and follow these steps:

1. Enter the answer for the question above.

2. Enter your current password.

3. Click on the Save button to reflect the changes.


Will there be an additional fee for this portal?

There will be no additional fees to be collected this current school year.


Is it possible to integrate the learning management tool to this portal?

The integration of the learning management tool to this portal is not feasible because they are two different providers. 


Is there some kind of expectation from the parents once this becomes operational or will this be to assist parents in monitoring? 

With this portal, the school aims to establish a constant communication with the parents for with regards to the status of the child/children enrolled in SMAP.


Will the school track the activities of the parents?

The school will only monitor if all parents are able to access the portal and update their access code / password for security purposes. 


Do you have plans of adding more features in the portal? If yes, what are in the pipeline for this school year?

Yes, new features are to be added such as OTP login verification, Captcha on attendance, more options of resetting password and optimize and more secure file attachments.

How many schools in the Philippines are already using this system?

As of now, there are five six (6) schools currently using this system such as: Don Bosco School, Golden Gate Colleges, St. Mary's College of Baliuag, St. Agnes Academy, Stella Maris Academy of Davao.



How do you ensure the security & privacy of the students’ data in amazon cloud both in transit and at rest?

The Protract Parent Portal database is hosted using the Amazon Web Services (AWS). Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform, offering over 175 fully featured services from data centers globally. The subscription is private, hence, the security of data is guaranteed. 


Do you apply two-factor authentication for parent login? 

There is new added feature to guarantee the authenticity for parent log-in such as the use of One Time Password (OTP) to be sent thru mobile number or email. 


Is the system compliant to Data Privacy Act of 2012?

The system is DPA protected. We do have disclaimer Message.

Likewise, St. Mary’s Academy – Pasay ensures that only select and relevant information necessary for the system to function well will be uploaded in the cloud data base. All other information of the students is safeguarded within the school’s Records System.


When is the portal operational?

The portal will be open on February 1, 2020. Please login using your cellphone number registered with us. The initial password is the same as your cellphone number.  We encourage you to change your password immediately as soon as you access the portal. 


Need help?

Should you have other concerns, please email us at

For technical concerns, you may email the Protrack Support Group at  You may also chat with them by joining Protrack Helpdesk (PP2) Viber group. Just scan the QR Code indicated in the USER GUIDE inside the system using your Viber App.

Notice: Upon scanning the QR Code below, you agree to join the Protrack Helpdesk (PP2) Viber Group and provide consent for the support Team to use your personal information for the purpose of providing better support to our product.