St. Mary's Academy of Pasay

Quality Objectives

  1. To enhance the school culture reflective of the SMA-P vision and mission.
  2. To create a Christian and collegial environment among school personnel.
  3. To accelerate interest in human resources development opportunities.
  4. To offer academically rich programs aligned with the school’s vision mission.
  5. To enhance the learning environment for the student’s total growth and development.
  6. To promote client satisfaction by providing quality services.
  7. To establish, document, implement, maintain, and continually improve quality management systems using the ISO 9001 and PAASCU standards.
  8. To provide adequate and appropriate opportunities to actively respond and be of service to the church and community.
  9. To ensure financial viability at the end of every school year for the school’s continual improvements and sustainability of its projects.

Quality Policy

We, at St. Mary’s Academy of Pasay City, commit to provide Quality Transformative Ignacian Marian education for the integral development of persons.

We shall initiate and sustain our efforts for continuous improvement through adherence to existing regulatory and statutory requirements in providing quality catholic education, client-focused services, quality management systems and community, and church services.

We shall do this in the most efficient management and development of our resources without losing sight of our mission to provide for the deprived sectors of our society.