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ISO 9001 Certified • PAASCU Accredited

CEAP and RVM-EAP Member

Guidance Center

Promotes the all-round growth and development of Marians.

This service provides opportunity for all students to make meaningful choices and become self-centered.


This service provides enrichment to students in order to gain insight about basic life skills.

Group Guidance

This service provides a measure of student's ability, achievement, aptitude, interest, attitude and personality to help further the growth of students.


This service facilitates the adjustment of student in his/her new environment.


This service provides opportunities to the students to learn about oneself in terms of work-related skills, interest potential, values and traits as well as needed participations and adjustments as they develop their career goals.

Career Guidance

This service provides what is called "second home" for students to learn and gain more insights concerning basic things and ideas in life.


This service assists parents through evaluation, consultation and seminars.

Service to Parents

This service assists grandparents through evaluation, consultation and seminars.

Service to Grandparents

This service assists teachers and adminitrators through evaluation, consultation and seminars.

Training to Teachers