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What are the tests given to students?

A minimum of (2) tests are given to each grade level. School ability (IQ) and diagnostic test are annually administered to all. Graduating students are given career tests. 

How are tests results disseminated?

Test profiles are disseminated to both students and parents. Test report contains a general explanation of the meaning of the test record, its purpose, detailed data on scores obtained like percentile, stanine, rating graphically-presented performance index and interpretation. Students are being called-in by their level counselors to explain thei test results and its consequent implications to other areas of their development. Parents are likewise invited to visit the office of the counselor for further questions and clarifications. 

All tests are disseminated to students within maximum period of one and a half (1 1/2) months after the test has been administered.

How are test results beneficial to the students / parents / teachers? 

Students/Parents/Teachers are assisted to identify students' strengths/weaknesses and special abilities/difficulties. They are periodically conferred about the students' achievement, growth, school adjustments and classroom behavior. Test results also provide assessment of students' occupational abilities and interests which help them in career decision making.


During this time of global pandemic where face-to-face encounter with students is highly discouraged, testing service is temporarily unavailable until the community quarantine is lifted.  It has to be understood that tests are in-person administered by a Psychometrician.  Furthermore, administration of tests follow standardized procedures as ethical guards of assessment.