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A Brief History of SMA-P IMC

The Instructional Media Center is the hub of learning for SMA-P composed of Library and Audiovisual Center.

As a sign of progress and growth, St. Mary's Instructional Media Center had undergone several changes in its location, set-up as well as it's location.

As early as 1950, St. Mary's Library had already a sizeable collection that served the grade school and high school departments. It was formerly a household in the old convent building. A new building was constructed along Villareal St. and named St. Joseph Building. The first floor was designed to house the library for both departments where its wall was made of glass protected by iron bars. New furniture was designed to contain a growing collection of references. 

Due to some misfortunes, fire razed down the building bordering Libertad St. up to Colayco St. in 1974. It was indeed a great loss, but since there was a need to house an ever-increasing population of students, the Congregation had to finance the construction of two new buildings. Due to lack of funds, the building along Colayco St. and Libertad reached only two storeys. The second floor was then designed to be the St. Mary's school libraries and audiovisual center which caters to both grade school and high school departments.

The SMAP Instructional Media Center had served its clientele from 1950 up to the present and continues to grow in its facilities, collection of print and non-print materials, and services to meet the needs of the times. It is now fully equipped with a Departmental library, Audiovisual center, and Internet facilities, Archives and Museum accessible enough for both grade school and high school clientele.