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Frequently Asked Questions 

1. How do I return my borrowed book last SY 2019-2020? 

 While the IMC is temporarily closed, we recommend that students keep and handle the book/s with care until the physical re-opening of the library. 





2. Will I be charged overdue fines for late returning of book/s which I borrowed last SY 2019-2020?

No, during this current situation with Covid-19, the SMA-P Instructional Media Center will no longer charge overdue fines.


3. What available library online resources can I access for my reference sources? 

 We encourage students and faculty to fully utilize the World Book Online and World e-Books and other teacher-approved references for their online reading interests and research needs. We also compiled some of open acess e-resources  and a list of specific topic per subject area.



4. How can I access the World Book Online? 

 Simply log-in to and for the details of log-in IDs and passwords, just ask or message the librarians thru Instructional Media Center Facebook page.