St. Mary's Academy of Pasay

A “second home” where students can learn and grow in a democratic set-up through a structured group process facilitated by the Homeroom adviser or sponsor.

Students who are currently enrolled at SMA-P. 

The level counselors prepare and may conduct the homeroom activities as needed.

You may reach your level counselor by sending an email to

Students may view their own homeroom output.  Parents may also request access to their child’s homeroom output but not the record of other students. Aside from the level counselor, the faculty and administrators may request for access when necessary. 

Homeroom is part of the student’s grade.  It may affect the homeroom grade if there will be no outputs submitted or if students are always absent during the said period. 

A soft copy of the Homeroom Outputs are stored in the level counselor’s computer with a password for each folder. Only authorized personnel will be granted permission to access it.

Yes, students may get their HR outputs. There will be an announcement from the level counselor once the Homeroom Outputs are ready for dissemination during face to face.